COMPUTATE was born in 2009. We’ve learned a lot since then, but we continue to learn what is most important to our clients’ success and what their businesses need most from their IT partners.

Looking back, one of the reasons why we started our business, was to eliminate the frustration that SYSPRO™ customers experienced when their systems did not perform as they’d hoped. As a result, performance has become our passion. This focus on performance means that our clients get the most out of their technology without ever having to consult a third party to resolve conflicting advice.

We own your IT with the same focus and passion as we view our own. That’s why we work hard and invest time upfront – to understand your business and make sure that the complete solutions we implement for your business are solutions we are prepared to guarantee.

Value before profit is at the very heart of what we do. It’s how we deliver round the clock responsiveness that keeps you online, all the time, no matter what.


We know that a successful business is one built on the foundation of entrepreneurial spirit and partnerships. This means striving for trust, accountability, and a personal connection with every one of our clients. You don’t have to take our word for it. We’re more than happy for you to ask them yourself.


Our core partners work with us to support our client solutions. Backed by similar values, we have chosen to work with partners that buy into the same ethos that we do. For this reason, we take ownership, trust, honesty, and integrity very seriously.

Our core principle of value before profit has come to influence the way in which we select our partners. This means that we have been able to compile a network of partnerships that enable us to deliver the best possible IT solutions to turnaround your IT department and ultimately, solve your business problem.

COMPUTATE is a licensed ECS and ECNS provider with ICASA.


COMPUTATE is backed by passionate professionals who are driven by excellence. Our exposure to a number of industries makes our approach to the world of business IT one based on key insights, sound knowledge, and authority.

Keeping up with the changes in IT is a full time job. Our team of IT specialists who make it their passion to keep up to date with the latest changes in technology, a luxury that many full-time IT professionals don’t enjoy. This means that our clients will always have the best technology solutions available for their business problems.

Stephen Gultig

Stephen Gultig

Managing Director

Stephen is a cofounder of COMPUTATE. He has 25 years’ experience in manufacturing and consulting with 10 years at board level.read more...

Denton Muil

Denton Muil

Financial Director

Denton is a qualified chartered accountant B.Com Dip. Acc CA (SA) and a member of the South African Institute of Chartered read more...

Ivan Stoyanov

Ivan Stoyanov

Technical Director

Ivan is an ICT Specialist with over 15 years’ experience in the industry. He has a B.Com Honours in Information Systemsread more...

Richard Hiam

Richard Hiam

Head of SYSPRO™

Richard has had 25 years’ experience implementing and training on SYSPRO. He was awarded a certificate by SYSPRO read more...

Ray Otto

Ray Otto

SYSPRO™ Solutions

Ray has over twenty-five years’ experience in the fields of Database Design and Management, and Application Development. read more...